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News - about the site

15 May 2010 - Another old picture added to the gallery, have  a look here.

12 May 2010 - More on the gamekeepers page, a picture I forgot I had. Ralph Ayton has sent in some info on the Ayton line which has been added to the tree.

10 May 2010 - Thanks to Ramsay Carden Vickers of Canada for some additional info and for prompting me to update the family tree section of the site and include some members of his family.

4 April 2010 - Long overdue but a couple of updates. The Java menus have been scrapped as they were not working very well.  Some new info on the James Berry page about two books on or by him.

26 May 2004 - Moved the site recently from Tripod as I was getting fed up with the popups and adverts. The old address will work, you will be redirected to the new location, which is: But if you're reading this, you probably knew this anyway.

8 April 2004 - Picture of RFV's wife Esther Hare here. Thanks to Margo Vickers for this.

11th February 2003 - More names added to the tree, the Harrity branch has been expanded thanks to Nigel Harrity of Peebles, Scotland.

26th January 2003 - A little on James Berry the executioner.

24th January 2003 - Almost 2 years since the last update, I have added a new page with 2 photographs of one of the gamekeepers, James Grosset, the survivor of the 1881 incident. Go here. Thanks to Lois Saleeba for the photos.

29th January 2001 - More names added to the family tree, from the 1881 and 1991 censuses. Go to family tree.

22nd January 2001 - Well done Colin Wilson who found the stone at the Edgelaw Reservior. Check here for news about this and here for Colin's site for details on how to find the stone.

14th September 2000 - A new page, the statement of Ramsay Vickers after the 1847 "Poaching Affray". Here

16th August 2000 - A new section on the menu, devoted to the poaching incident in 1847 that resulted in 4 Vickers falling foul of the law. Two were ordered to be transported, but a search of the convict ship passenger lists (at West register House, Edinburgh) did not find them. I did note that the ships bound for Gibraltar and Bermuda did not have passenger lists.

6th August 2000 - Recently back from Scotland with a few more newspaper storied about Robert Flockhart Vickers, and some old court papers aboout the 4 Vickers' brothers poaching affray in 1847. Soon I hope to have them typed up and on the site. A few more names will be added to the tree soon as well.

12th June 2000 - Nice new menu navigation system.

11th June 2000 - Lots added to the Robert Flockhart Vickers pages. Here.

6th June 2000 - New page on Robert Flockhart Vickers. Check it out here.

2nd June 2000 - Major update to the family tree, now goes back to 1750's. Welcome to Bob and Isabel.

1st June 2000 - At long last I am updating this site. I have a lot to add, and will do so over the next few months. I am about to travel to Scotland again to farther my research. My thanks to David Gee and Colin Wilson of Scotland for the information they sent me. I have corrected a few factual errors on the site also. And you will have noticed, a new picture of the kids.

25th Jan 1999 - More information on Archibald Anderson Vickers (my great grandfather) from the 1891 census. Go here to see.

24th Jan 1999 - A picture added to the Ormiston page of Ormiston Old School, built in 1888. Go here to see.

9th Jan 1999 - A new Vickers arrived today, Lilian Grace Vickers (8lb 1oz), born at Tauranga Hospital, Tauranga, New Zealand.

5th Jan 1999 - The gallery pages have been reorganised to make them easier to navigate. Go here to see.

3rd Jan 1999 - I have decided to start a page to keep regular visitors up to date with my research. Yesterday I spent a few hours online at New Register House, Edinburgh. This is an excellent place to research your Scots ancestry, but be warned, only the indices are on line. You can pay by credit card, and an initial fee of about 6 UK pounds gives you access to the database and pays for you looking at 30 pages of search results. But the information you get from these is sparse, and needs to be farther investigated by examining the microfiches, which is easy if you are in Edinburgh, but can be expensive at 10 UK pounds per copy mailed to you anywhere. Be warned, the temptation to click on the box and order an extract is strong! I restricted myself to one extract, that of the 1891 census record on Archibald Vickers, of at the time, Stobhill, Midlothian.

Of particular interest to me was searching the 1891 census index. I have discovered where my Great Grandfather Archibald was living in 1891 (Stobhill, Midlothian), and his elder brother Ramsay and wife Agnes (East Calder, near Edinburgh) were living also. After the premature death of Ramsay, I presume Agnes moved to Stobhill to marry Archibald, as Agnes' first child, my Grandfather also Archibald, was born in Stobhill. They later moved to Ormiston, near Edinburgh, where they completed their family.

I am also making progress with my research into the Mason line, my mother's family. At some stage I hope to devote some of the site to this side of my family, particularly when I get some old photographs, which I hope to on my next trip home.

A new contact is Jonathon Vickers, who lives in sunny Queensland, Australia. Jon is using his network of contacts to see if there is anymore known of Lisa Vickers and her Australian husband John Francis Bock, who lived in North Queensland after the end of World War 1. Interestingly Jon's father represented India in the 1948 Olympics in London, and took home some medals for India! Amazing for a Vickers.






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