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Lisa (Eliza) Vickers

c1898 - ?


Lisa Vickers



Eliza, or Lisa as she was known, grew up in Ormiston. She was one of six siblings.

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A picture reproduced from The Edinburgh Evening News, featuring Lisa and her unnamed Australian husband. He was John Francis Bock, a cousin of Lizzie Peacock, seated on the right below. The soldier was in the 49th Battalion. Lisa grew homesick for Scotland whilst in Australia, and often wrote home to Lizzie with tales of snakes and other creepy crawlies she disliked. She had one child, Betty Agnes Bock, who died young in 1922 in Queensland. The picture below was taken on 26 June 1918. the man on the right must be Lisa's brother Douglas Vickers, as he and Lizzie Peacock were witnesses at the wedding.

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Newspaper article

[Lisa Vickers & Nell Roxburgh]

Lisa (R) and her friend, Miss Nell Roxburgh

Lisa page 2

My thanks to Mr D Fleming of Ormiston for photos and information.

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