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The Death Sentence


Following is the text of the death sentence issued to Robert Flockhart Vickers.

In respect of the verdict before recorded, Lord Young Decerns and Adjudges the Pannels Robert Flockhart Vickers and William Innes to be carried from the bar to the prison of Edinburgh, therein to be detained and fed on bread and water only till the thirty first day of March current, and upon that day between the hours of eight and ten o'clock forenoon, within the walls of the said prison, by the hands of the common executioner to be hanged by the neck upon a gibbet until they are dead, and their bodies thereafter to be buried within the walls of the said prison; and Ordains their whole moveable goods and gear to be escheat and inbrought to Her Majesty's use; which is pronounced for Doom :


Scottish Record Office Reference JC 26/ 1348 -Stored at West Register House, Edinburgh (1999) ROBERT FLOCKHART VICKERS Death sentence -copied from photocopy of draft document found in Court Records.


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